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2,5 million years of evolution created humans. Humans require light to live. In nature, the day begins with bluish daylight which starts all sorts of processes, like waking us up and providing energy. This continues until the sun goes down and turns red. Our bodies start winding down for sleep. That’s how it works naturally.

But we live in artificial lights, travel between time zones and work around the clock. Athletes have to be be at their best any time anywhere.

Sleep disorders, winter blues, jet lag and even the ability to perform at peak levels all require blue light.


Introducing wearable light therapy from Propeaq, created using decades of scientific research and development, and using proprietary patented technology. 30 minutes of active blue light per day, is often sufficient for new energy or affect the sleep / wake rhythm. Propeaq light therapy glasses are used by top athletes, night workers and travelers.

Blue light has been proven to enhance our lives. And we are dedicated to furthering this natural technology.

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Prescription glasses optional

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Hundreds of top athletes, researchers and night workers have embraced Propoeaq. Curious what others are saying about their experiences? We also have a special discount for our ambassadors. Read more on our ‘Ambassadors’ page.


Light therapy requires planning. We have created a special apps for specific situation so you can maximize the use of our light glasses and light filters. For world travelers we have our anti-jet lag app. For night workers, we have an app with schedules for optimal adjustments to various night shift schedules.


From trouble falling asleep to a good night rest and more energy!

Sleeping well has always been a problem for Laura Beljaars. She simply did not get tired in the evening and did not sleep until 3 AM for years. After trying all kinds of things to sleep better, she discovered a new treatment last year and since then her sleep problems...

Feeling under the weather? This is how much you need to sleep when sick!

Feeling under the weather? This is how much you need to sleep when sick!   We cannot stress the importance of sleep enough, so here we go again. Do you know how much sleep you need when sick? There is a very strong correlation between the amount of time needed...

Better cognitive performance by using blue light

Better cognitive performance by using blue light It is becoming increasingly clear how important the blue part of the spectrum is when it comes to cognitive performance. It’s know that blue light, or the blue part of daylight, has a strong effect on suppressing the...

Light as a potential treatment for pandemic coronavirus infections: A perspective

The recent outbreak of COVID-19, which continues to ravage communities with high death tolls and untold psychosocial and catastrophic economic consequences, is a vivid reminder of nature's capacity to defy contemporary healthcare. The pandemic calls for rapid...

Sleep makes you stronger: Build muscle trough sleep

Truly getting in shape takes more than just working out. As everyone who has ever desired a more fit physique has discovered, it often requires an entire change in lifestyle. This includes not just hitting the gym, but eating healthy and…getting more sleep? Indeed,...

An interview with Bright Light Therapy and Toine Schoutens

An interview with Bright Light Therapy and Propeaq CEO Toine Schoutens about the recent developments of the Propeaq light glasses and future opportunities. In this interview Toine tells how he got into the world of light therapy, how light therapy works and what the...

Blue light can help to speed up healing of people with concussion

Daily exposure to blue wavelength light each morning helps to re-entrain the circadian rhythm so that people get better, more regular sleep which was translated into improvements in cognitive function, reduced daytime sleepiness and actual brain repair. Early morning...

Less side effects from working the nightshift? UMC Utrecht is starting a pilot with Propeaq light glasses.

By switching between blue light and orange glasses of the Propeaq light glasses, the production of melatonin can be stopped or boosted. De person that is wearing the glasses can prevent the dip occurring during the night shift or make him or her fall asleep more...

The COVID-19 pandemic and emotional welfare: Tips for healthy routines and rhythms

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious global health threat. Governments around the world implement different policies in reaction to the threat including self-quarantine, self-isolation and social distancing. It is true that these actions are necessary to fight the...

Did you know that sleeping is as important as eating if not more!

Research shows that more and more people around the world suffer from insomnia, and that is a concerning fact! Serious health risk’s Let’s start with the basics, adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a day, end of discussion. Are you not getting enough sleep? Then...
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