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Sleeping is just as important as nutrition and exercise

Good sleep is incredibly important to health. It’s just as important as eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise. Unfortunately, our Western lifestyle disrupts the natural sleep rhythm. We sleep less today than in the past and the quality of sleep has also declined. Artificial light has stretched the day and taken regularity out of the waking / sleeping rhythm.

When you seek light

During the day, the right light puts you in sync with daylight. Your body clock regulates that you wake up during the day, that you get a boost of energy but alsoyour sleep quality.  

When you avoid light

For many, sleep has become an almost unattainable commodity and often not considered important, even though research is clear on the benefits of sleep. Avoid light before bedtime and sleep quality and duration increase

10 reasons for good sleep

  1. Short sleep increases the risk of weight gain and obesity.
  2. People who get enough sleep usually eat fewer calories.
  3. Good sleep for better memory and concentration.
  4. Good sleep improves physical and sports performance.
  5. Less than 7-8 hours of sleep is associated with an increased risk of heart failure.
  6. With poor and short sleep there is an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
  7. Depression is strongly related to poor sleep and sleep disturbances.
  8. Sleep improves the functioning of your immune system.
  9. Sleep deprivation reduces our emotions and makes social interaction difficult.
  10. Poor sleep increases the risk of infections.

Optimal sleep with optimal use of light glasses

You can easily influence the biological clock (circadian rhythm) by using the Propeaq light glasses at the right time in the right way. Immediately after getting up, turn on the blue light for 30 minutes, with or without the transparent glasses. Half an hour before bedtime, wear the glasses with the orange BLUE BLOCKER lenses until it is completely dark in your bedroom. It is that simple.

30 minutes of blue light after waking up really wakes you up
30 minutes of orange glasses before bedtime makes sleepy


"Take care of your sleep SHAAP - perform in bed!

During this workshop, participants will learn how sleep impacts your health and performance performance? affected. Participants will also learn what sleep is, why we sleep, the importance of sleep, what sleep does to us and will be explained what a healthy sleep rhythm looks like.

With lots of practical sleep tips on
laap pressure,
ircadian rhythm, sleep
fduction and
riles supplemented with advice from cognitive behavioral therapy, participants learn how to sleep better in order to be more alert, refreshed, cheerful and perform better during the day.

Through practical and expert advice, we help participants sleep better on their own without medication. Participants will sleep better, become healthier, happier and perform better.

The workshop lasts about 90 minutes.

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Propeaq light therapy is based on scientific studies in which the conditions for optimal performance and sleep are investigated. We have translated these insights into patents that have been incorporated into our innovative products. Our involvement in research is in our DNA. We are involved in the BioClock, a consortium of Dutch knowledge institutions and companies.

Led by Bert van der Horst, Professor of Chronobiology and Health, a team of researchers from Erasmus MC, TNO and RIVM will quantitatively map the disruption of the biological clock caused by night work. Van der Horst: ‘In a study among sailors of the Volvo Ocean Race we found candidate biomarkers with the same degree of disruption of the sleep-wake cycle as in night workers. These biomarkers provide a unique basis for developing personalized schedule, nutrition and blue light advice to reduce night work-related health risks. ‘

The VieCuri Medical Center in Venlo is researching the use of Propeaq light glasses and is looking at whether blue light has an effect on the day-night rhythm. It is being investigated whether this has a positive effect on fatigue and alertness complaints. Jos le Noble is one of the initiators of the project and a doctor in the Intensive Care Unit: “We hope that with these glasses care providers will experience fewer complaints during night shifts, fewer people will become ill, people will enjoy their work more and the quality of work will improve improve.”

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