Anyone working irregular or night shifts knows the dip: that moment sleep threatens to strike while you are still working. Our internal clock produces that sleepy feeling as part of the natural day and night cycle. Daylight wakes us and keeps us awake. When the evening falls, our bodies prepare for sleep. When the outside temperature is at its lowest, human energy also reaches its lowest point, the moment of deep sleep. This is how our biological clock has been programmed since primeval times. Nevertheless, staying alert and energetic during a night shift is possible if we adjust the internal clock with Propeaq light glasses. You do not have to use the entire shift, you can use it on a break: 30 minutes with activated blue light is enough to stave off the dip. It works like this: the blue light acts like an extra sunrise for your senses. Your body reacts by stopping the production of the sleep hormone melatonin and correctly increasing the production of the action hormone cortisol. You can then maintain your energy levels, if you use the blue light before you feel the dip.

When coming home tired from a night shift, you can give your body another energy boost before the sun rises. Of course, that is not always the intention. That’s why the Propeaq light glasses have another advantage: change the light blue lenses for the included red ones. Wear them for half an hour while you relax in your own environment. The red glasses block all the natural and artificial blue light from your surroundings and stimulate the production of melatonin, which makes us drowsy and helps us sleep.

Propeaq light glasses help with the energy levels, mood, and health of everyone working irregular shifts. The following table shows the correct usage times for work schedules with morning, afternoon, evening and night shifts; For consecutive night shifts, you simply change the times when you use blue light. A specific schedule helps the transition from consecutive night shifts to a normal daily routine.

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Download the free My Propeaq TimeTooler app

Optimal effect of the Propeaq light glasses requires planning. To maximize the effect of our light glasses and different lenses, we have developed a special app for specific applications. World travelers can combat or prevent jet lag with the app. Night workers receive a personalized schedule via the app for optimal adjustments to the various night shifts and rosters. Search Google Play or App store for My Propeaq TimeTooler. This is free to use, even if you do not have Propeaq light glasses in your possession. Scan the QR codes below for a direct download.

The table below is to illustrate how the Propeaq light glasses can be used during different night shifts.
Schedule Blue Light Red Lenses Work Times
# 1 night shift Between 1:00am and 03:00am When you arrive home if the sun is up 23:00-07:00
# 2 night shift Between 2:00am and 4:00am When you arrive home if the sun is up 23:00-07:00
# 3 night shift Between 3:00am and 5:00am When you arrive home if the sun is up 23:00-07:00
Evening Shift Between 7:00pm and 9:00pm 30 minutes before bed 15:00-23:00
Afternoon shift Between 3:00pm and 5:00pm 30 minutes before bed 13:00-21:00
Morning shift Between 1:00pm and 3:00 pm 30 minutes before bed 07:00-15:00
# Consecutive temporary night shifts

Attention: Don’t go to sleep immediately after your last night shift. Wait for a few hours, and sleep between 10:30am and 2:00pm, for example, followed by 30 minutes of blue light. In place of a 30-minute block, you can also use blue light in two or more shorter blocks of 15 minutes. Use blue light only in combination with the light blue lenses.

Didn’t get enough sleep or need a power nap in the afternoon? The light glasses are a great tool to keep your energy up and your moods stable. The Propeaq light glasses help to adjust the internal biological clock to changing environments, such as jet lag after traveling between multiple time zones. The included app tells you exactly when its time to wear the glasses and which lenses are needed.


Propeaq’s blue light has a wavelength of 468 nanometers at an intensity of only 35 lux. The LEDs are located 1.5 cm from the eye and are harmless in normal use *. One administration of 30 minutes of active blue light per 24 hours is often sufficient. The light glasses do not have to be worn continuously for a long time. For those who already wear glasses, there are solutions with clip-on glasses or even prescription lenses. Thanks to a close collaboration with a renowned internationally operating lens manufacturer, Propeaq prescription glasses are also available from specialist opticians.

* In case of diseases of the retina, for example macular degeneration, we recommend using the light glasses. Insufficient research has been done into possible damage in these situations.


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The above illustration is an example of using the Propeaq system during a night shift. For a complete overview, explanation and helpful diagrams, download our free whitepaper.

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