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  • Synchronize your biological clock

Human-like beings have walked the earth for two million years. ‘Modern’ man has been around for about 200,000 year and for the past 300 years, artificial light has been a part of our existence. Evolution has given us a complex body that can adapt to its surroundings and then controls it. We can also influence the effect of day and night on our bodies. Evolution has given us a complex body that adapts to its environment and bends it to its will. We can also influence the influence of day and night on our body.

The human body reacts to the blue tint of the morning light and the red which comes with sunset. At daybreak, all our internal systems start up. Once the sun goes down, our bodies start preparing for rest and sleep. Digestion and other body systems switch into night mode.

Anyone who deviates from the usual day-and-night rhythm, travels through more time zones or is struggling with sleep deprivation due to an irregular existence, may notice that the body is struggling. The day is no longer synchronized with the internal biological clock. It cannot always keep up with the rapid social and technological evolution of our existence.

Light therapy is the answer to this situation, based on the scientifically proven knowledge that the body gets energy when the eyes see the correct blue light. You can be your own enemy here, for example by wearing sunglasses for a long time and often that block blue light and thus reduce your energy. The Propeaq light glasses help restore balance by allowing the blue glasses to give us the right amount of sunlight. If the sun isn’t available, active LEDs in the glasses give the body extra energy. When there is no sun, active LEDs in the glasses give the body extra energy.

When its time to wind down and get ready for a good night’s sleep, swap out the blue lenses for the red ones. These block all the energizing blue light which causes the body to start a higher production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. Propeaq light glasses are the only portable system for optimal light therapy.


There are 2 models of Propeaq light glasses. The effectiveness of both glasses is the same. The Basic model is considerably simplified on 2 points compared to the Premium model.

  1. Switching on / off is a simple on / off button with the Basic model. The Premium model has the option to turn on / off the Propeaq App and the Bluetooth connection.
  2. The number of lenses has been reduced from 3 to 2, whereby the red lenses of the Premium model have been replaced by orange lenses in the Basic model. With orange lenses, the vision is many times better than with red glasses without losing any effect. Below is a short and simple overview of the differences.


Available for € 199, -

The new Propeaq Basic model has been adjusted in various respects compared to the Premium. The new model has:

  • Improved design
  • Easy operation
  • More wearing comfort
  • With handy compact storage case, easy to carry on
  • Rechargeable via any USB port
  • 2 different, removable glasses
    light blue lenses for when blue light is on
    orange glasses for sleep improvement
  • With free 2 Apps for Android and iOS
    Propeaq – the app for personalized instructions on how to avoid jet lag
    Propeaq Shiftwork – the app for personal instructions to combat the dip during night shift


temporarily unavailable

The first Propeaq model, the Propeaq premium light therapy glasses with extensive possibilities.

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Luxury storage case
  • Different world adapters
  • 3 different, removable glasses
    light blue lenses for when blue light is on
    red glasses for sleep improvement
    dark blue glasses as sunglasses
  • With free 2 Apps for Android and iOS
    Propeaq – the app for personalized instructions on how to avoid jet lag
    Propeaq Shiftwork – the app for personal instructions to combat the dip during night shift


The Propeaq light therapy glasses make it possible to apply sufficient blue light in 30 minutes per day. Those are 30 minutes in which the user can continue to work. The standard glasses have no prescription in the lenses. The amount of active blue light is not an obstacle for normal sight in ambient light. Use of contact lenses has no impairing effect. Read more …


Propeaq’s blue light has a wavelength of 468 nanometers at an intensity of only 35 lux. The LEDs are just over half an inch (1.5cm) from the eyes and are harmless* for normal use. The LEDs are located 1.5 cm from the eye and are harmless in normal use *. One administration of 30 minutes of active blue light per 24 hours is often sufficient. The light glasses do not have to be worn continuously for a long time. For those who already wear glasses, there are solutions with clip-on glasses or even prescription lenses. Thanks to a close collaboration with a renowned internationally operating lens manufacturer, Propeaq prescription glasses are also available from specialist opticians.

* In case of diseases of the retina, for example macular degeneration, we recommend using the light glasses. Not enough research has yet been conducted into possible harmfulness in these situations.

When to use light blue lenses? For extra energy!

The propeaq glasses are a complete system with interchangeable glasses and energizing blue light.

The blue light in the glasses is used to simulate the sunlight in the morning. When using the  blue light we recommend using the slightly transparent / light blue glasses. However, this is not necessary. You can also choose to use lenses in the frame when the blue light is on. 

When to use orange glasses? To get drowsy.

The orange glass filters the blue light we see from daylight and some artificial light sources. Orange lenses are used in the glasses to stimulate the body’s natural production of melatonin. This natural hormone takes care of it drowsiness and is necessary for a good night’s sleep.

Note: When the blue light is turned on with the orange lenses in the frame, the filtering will not work. So only use orange glasses when the blue light from the glasses is off and you want to prepare the body for sleep.


The included app provides all the personalized schedules for getting the most from your Propeaq glasses. The schedules and advice include all the scientific knowledge and experience as well as the involvement of top athletes and product testing.

You don’t have to do anything more than answer a few questions and choose your goal for light therapy. The app will give you tips for an optimal schedule with clear instructions for using your light glasses. Forgetful? The glasses as well as your phone will help you remember.

The apps are available for free in the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android).

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