Toine Schoutens, founder en CEO

Founder and CEO Toine Schoutens got his training in healthcare. As a nurse, Toine discovered the powerful effects of light on human performance and our biological clock. He thus became the pioneer of the use of light in the treatment of winter blues. The equipment still needed to be developed, so Toine built his own experimental treatment room using standard, available parts. Toine was in search of smarter solutions and soon worked with Philips, jointly developing the first devices for light therapy in the medical sector. Consumers were first introduced to the technology in 2006, with the first Wake-up Light, that help make waking up easier in the darker months.

As a scientific collaborator and lecture, Toine has spent decades involved in fundamental clinical studies. This knowledge led him into positions within various organizations related to research on the effects of light on health. Toine’s international recognition came when, as a result of academic publications, he was able to provide light therapy to top Dutch athletes, including Olympic delegations. Since 2006 Toine coaches athletes who have to deliver special performances. The proven success of the products, services, and schedules of the Dutch light therapy has helped hundreds of Olympic athletes from more than ten different countries deliver their peak performance.

Toine’s methods and insights, based on scientific research, has resulted in a number of patents. The core of his work is in portable light therapy. “Sitting in front of a light box every day in not an efficient use of your valuable time,” says Toine, summing up his mission. Under Toine’s leadership, his team developed the Propeaq light glasses, the world’s first completely portable light therapy system, based on his knowledge, experience, and scientific collaboration, while also providing individual schedules that are also just as portable: in an app.



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