• Plan your own dawn and sundown
  • Keep your mind and body awake right time

Nothing is more annoying than one days of jet lag : Fatigue, drowsiness and inattention reduce performance on a business trip or spoil the fun on vacation. That could be better, both on the outward journey and when returning home. Prepare your body for the other time zone by adjusting the biological clock at the right time. This way you avoid both the unpleasant feeling of lead in the shoes and the terrifying appearance of bags under the eyes.

Jet lag occurs when people move quickly over long distances, such as during air travel. The sun suddenly rises at a different time, while the body is still used to the schematic of another part of the earth. The physical day-and-night rhythm is no longer synchronized with that of reality. Without measures, it can take days for your internal biological clock to get used to this. The Propeaq light glasses softens these effects, so that they are no longer noticeable. The active blue light in the glasses dampens the production of the night hormone melatonin in 30 minutes when needed and promotes the production of the action hormone cortisol. In this way the body receives an energy impulse as if the day had dawned. When the evening falls and it is time to fall asleep, the red glasses around the glasses provide the desired sleepiness by filtering the impulses of blue light from screens and lighting.


Preventing jet lag starts with a few days of preparation with a few rules of thumb. Gradualness is the most important starting point here. Your biological clock is tuned to sunrise and sunset. That clock can be shifted, but that can happen with a maximum of 1.5 hours a day without being bothered by it. So if you shift six time zones by traveling, you need four adjustment days. You can do this in the four days before the flight, but also, for example, two days before departure and two days after arrival. It also makes a difference whether you travel ‘counterclockwise’ or clockwise.
The app with the Propeaq light glasses comes to your aid with planning. Enter the flight times and the app will advise you when to wear the glasses. You can see exactly when it is necessary to switch on blue light or filter it with the red glasses so that you fall asleep more easily, and at what times you set the alarm.

By following the simple instructions, you leave with an awake mind and a prepared body.


Download the whitepaper ‘Light therapy for travelers’ for a complete overview, explanation and handy diagrams about this application of Propeaq light glasses.
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