• Plan your own dawn and sundown
  • Keep your mind and body awake right time

Few things are as annoying as jet lag that goes on for days: fatigue, sleepiness, and an inability to focus lead to poorer performance during a business trip or spoils the vacation. There is a better way, for the trip there and the one back. Prepare your body for the other time zone by adjusting your biological clock to the right time. This way lets you avoid that feeling of lead in your shoes and bags under your eyes.

Jet lag happens when people travel large distances in a relatively short amount of time, such as when flying. The sun comes up in a different time zone, while your body is still used to the schedule from the other side of the world. The body’s day/night cycle is out of sync with the reality. Let on its own, it can be days before your biological clock gets used to it. ThePropeaq light glasses reduces the effects until they just aren’t there anymore. In just 30 minutes, the active blue light in the glasses hinders the production of melatonin, the hormone that makes us sleep, and promotes the active production of cortisol, which gives us energy. This gives the body an energy boost as though the sun has just risen. Later, when it’s time for sleep, the red glasses will filter the blue light from screens and lighting, helping you get drowsy.


Preventing jet lag begins with a few days’ preparations and a few rules of thumb. It is important to start gradually. Your biological clock it set to thee rising and setting of the sun. You can shift that clack, but only about 90 minutes per day. So, if you need to travel across six time zones before the trip, you will need four days for the time shift. You can do that all four days before the flight, or two days before and two days after. It also makes a difference if you are travelling east or west.
The included Propeaq app can help you with the planning. Enter your flight info and the app will tell you when to wear the glasses. You will see exactly when it is necessary to use blue light, or perhaps even filter it with red lenses so you can fall asleep easier . It will also tell you what time to set the alarm for.

By following the simple instructions, you leave with an awake mind and a prepared body.


Download the whitepaper ‘Light therapy for travelers’ for a complete overview, explanation and handy diagrams about this application of Propeaq light glasses.

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