Use light therapy to boost your libido

Your sex drive can be disrupted in various ways, which causes a lower libido. This is a natural and common problem in men. Science has little to no answer to this, but light therapy can provide much-needed relief.


A very common problem


While a reduction in libido is a problem we don’t want to talk about and may be ashamed of, it is a common problem among men. Two in five men will have to deal with a reduced libido in their lifetime. Often there are underlying problems underlying a reduced sex drive such as a (winter) depression or a lowering of testosterone. New studies suggest that libido is related to the change of seasons and exposure to natural light.



Does light therapy offer a solution?


An Italian study has looked at the effects of light therapy on men. After just a few weeks of using light therapy, researchers saw an increase in testosterone levels and a corresponding increase in libido. Men diagnosed with a libido-lowering problem were split into two groups. Both groups were exposed to light therapy, but the one with a much lower intensity of light.

The test group exposed to “normal light therapy” rated their interest in sex afterwards with a 6.3 out of 10. While the control group, which was also exposed to light therapy but at a lower intensity, rated their interest with a 2.7 out of 10 We can conclude an essential difference. In addition to an increase in libido, an increase in testosterone levels was also shown in the men exposed to the “normal” light therapy.


Light is a panacea


Light is an excellent means of increasing general health. We simply don’t get enough natural light, especially in the dark months. We have learned that light is good for increasing the libido, among other things. In addition to increasing your libido, other studies have shown that light works extremely well in many diagnoses. For example, light therapy is also used to combat (winter) depression and winter blues.



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