Kostenlose Informationen zur Chronobiologie,
die biologische Uhr, zirkadianer Rhythmus,
Schlaf-, Gesundheits- und Lichttherapie


How melatonin supports the immune system

The immune system is more relevant today than ever. This system ensures that we do not get sick from various...

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A disrupted circadian rhythm affects our body and brain

Your circadian rhythm is extremely important. We have said that many times, and we will keep telling you. Studies show...

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Use light therapy to boost your libido

Your sex drive can be disrupted in various ways, which causes a lower libido. This is a natural and common...

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Useful tips for a healthy sleep- wake rhythm while working from home

Special times require special solutions, one of those solutions is to work from home as much as possible. We no...

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Morning walks can be beneficial to our health

With the current situation regarding COVID-19, we are limited in quite a few different cases. We work from home as...

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How light glasses could prevent excessive weight gain on people

A person’s health can be expected to improve if light is used at the right time at the right wavelength....

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Oversleeping has some serious health hazards

There is a vast amount of research that indicates skimping on sleep can negatively affect your health in numerous ways....

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Marathon running in combat outfit and with an adapted biological clock

This article is written in Dutch by Joyce de Bruijn: https://amazingerasmusmc.nl/actueel/marathon-rennen-in-gevechtstenue-en-met-aangepaste-biologische-klok/ Professor of Chronobiology Bert van der Horst, professor of...

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Recent studies show your biological rhythm controls the brain waste removal system

A recent scientific revelation demonstrated that the internal body clock controls brain waste removal. Previously, it was believed that sleep...

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5 Myths about sleep: Truth or Fiction?

There are quite a few myths about sleep. We of course already know that sleep is immensely important for body....

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Circadian variation strongly affects performance in Olympic athletes

Your circadian rhythm is very important, we of course already knew that. There are a lot of applications where shifting...

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Blue light: What is it? What does it do and how can be block it?

What is blue light exactly? And how does it work? Are there glasses that filter blue light? There are quite...

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