Morning walks can be beneficial to our health

With the current situation regarding COVID-19, we are limited in quite a few different cases. We work from home as much as possible, sports in groups are not possible and we only go into town for essentials. Nevertheless, we would like to keep moving, walking is a good option that we spend more and more of our time on.

Besides that walking is just good for our body, walking in the morning can provide extra benefits for our body. We will explain how this is possible in this article.


Morning light


Nathalie Didden gives some tips for walking at Sporza, one tip stands out. “The earlier you start walking, the more impact it has on your body and your health. The light in the morning is much better, and it will also make you feel better than walking in the afternoon.”

Sports doctor Ruud van Thienen agrees that it is best to absorb as much natural light as possible three to four hours after waking up. You support the circadian rhythm of the body. A disturbance in our circadian rhythm can lead to serious health problems. “By moving you stimulate your body to get into the right rhythm in the morning, so a morning walk or quiet training is ideal,” says Van Thienen.

Besides Van Thienen, Lode Godderis also talks about the benefits of morning light. “Research shows that exposure to intense blue light in the morning has a positive impact on our day and night rhythm, our sleep quality and our general well-being.”. In addition, Godderis tells us that walking later in the day is also very healthy, because our body temperature is higher later in the day. A high body temperature is necessary for a (heavy) physical performance.



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