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Tilburg, January 3, 2019 – Winter blues, jet lag, and sleep disorders can be prevented. The Dutch company Propeaq is introducing their light glasses at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. These glasses have helped top athletes from various countries prevent jet lag and ensure their performance peaks at the right moment. Night shift workers and people with sleep disorders have also discovered the glasses. Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, is the ideal place to introduce this innovative product to the world press.

Chronotherapy is the science behind using light to influence the sleep/wake rhythm. It has been proven effective and the team that discovered the molecular functioning of the biological clock received a Nobel prize. The days of sitting in front of a light box are over: Light researcher Toine Schoutens developed a mobile light therapy system for the Dutch Olympians that is as easy to take along as a cellphone.

Now the company is introducing the affordable Propeaq light glasses to the world. They look like sun glasses, but they are so much more. The wearer can get more energy whenever they need it, by simply wearing the blue light glasses for 30 minutes. This complete system also comes with red lenses that, when desired, can improve the quality of sleep.

The Propeaq light glasses bring light technology, scientific knowledge and human evolution together. The glasses are based on decades of scientific research and patented technology. Propeaq light glasses are being used by top athletes, night shift workers and world travelers.
Toine Schoutens and his team are devoted to the further development of this natural way to enhance the human sleep/wake cycle. Propeaq is one of the Dutch innovations at the Holland Tech Square.

CES, 8-11 January
Las Vegas
Sands, Hall G – 51726
(Eureka Park)
Chrono Eyewear BV

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