Light is of vital importance

Last Wednesday was World Health Day. This is a themed day initiated by the World Health Organization. It is intended, among other things, to give attention to often unknown causes of illness, such as a lack of good and sufficient light.  

Light is of vital importance

  World Health Day is a themed day initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is intended, among other things, to give attention to often unknown causes of illness, such as a lack of good and sufficient light. “People are not sufficiently aware of the effect of light on well-being, mood and even health,” says John de Joode, chairman of the Netherlands Foundation for Illumination Science (NSVV). “Light is much more than a tool to see what you are doing. Light is of vital importance. ” Light has an effect on mood, performance and health. “It still happens too often that buildings are full of the most sustainable lamps in beautiful industrially designed luminaires, but that there is insufficient light for the eye,” says John de Joode. “And it’s all about the light.” NSVV was founded more than 80 years ago as a trade association for professionals and now the organization is bringing the importance of good light to the attention of an increasingly wider audience. De Joode: “We know what light does for the biological rhythm of humans. As NSVV we are always looking for the best lighting solutions and we are an independent source of information in the field of light. You could call us the AA Patrol of light. ”  

Light strengthens the biorhythm

  Scientific research has shown that daylight simulation has a positive effect on the biorhythm. The biorhythm is the motor of sleeping patterns, eating patterns, body temperature, learning and work performance. Too little light can adversely affect this process and can lead to health problems, sleep disorders, stress, concentration problems or even depression. This year the NSVV published “10 tips for lighting the home workplace”. Now that people work from home more often and for longer, it pays to invest in good lighting in the workplace at home as well. Adjusting the color and intensity of the light has an effect on well-being and health. Warm white light provides relaxation and tranquility, and the cool version provides energy. By correctly applying artificial light in combination with daylight, a balanced day and night rhythm is created that strengthens the natural biorhythm, which encourages more activity. NSVV has also published a guideline for light in healthcare.  

Social developments

  “We pay attention to social developments with regard to energy use, sustainability, health and safety,” says John de Joode. “Thanks to the advent of LED, the possibilities with light are almost limitless. If construction or renovation is required, clients are faced with legal guidelines, European agreements and a wealth of brands, products and suppliers. The NSVV is independent and advises governments, organizations and the business community on, for example, new light technologies and energy consumption or puts them in contact with reliable professionals. ”   source:  

Propeaq can help you or your organization!

  Anyone who deviates from the usual day-and-night rhythm, travels through more time zones or is struggling with sleep deprivation due to an irregular existence may notice that the body is struggling. The day is no longer synchronized with the internal biological clock. It cannot always keep up with the rapid social and technological evolution of our existence. Light therapy is the answer to this situation, based on the scientifically proven knowledge that the body gets energy when the eyes see the correct blue light. You can be your own enemy, for example by wearing sunglasses for a long time and often that block blue light and thus reduce your energy. The Propeaq light glasses restores the balance because the blue glasses dose the available sunlight. When there is no sun, active LEDs in the glasses give the body extra energy. When the intention is to relax and prepare for a good sleep, replace the blue glasses in the glasses with the easy-to-click red ones. These block all the energy supply of blue light, so that the body reacts with a higher production of the sleep hormone melatonin. The Propeaq light glasses are the only complete portable system for optimal light therapy. For more information, visit and contact us without obligation!  
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