By switching between blue light and orange glasses of the Propeaq light glasses, the production of melatonin can be stopped or boosted. De person that is wearing the glasses can prevent the dip occurring during the night shift or make him or her fall asleep more easily when they get home. Rick Muller of Propeaq explains more about their solution and the upcoming partnership with UMC Utrecht.

UMC Utrecht and Propeaq have met during a matchmaking event organized by the Health Care Innovation Hub. The matchmaking event was organized because of a large number of Innovation Challenges were solutions were created to counter the shortage of personnel in the health care sector.

Propeaq decided to send in their solution (the Propeaq light glasses) for one of the challenges. Rick Muller: “Our light therapy glasses make working in the health care sector not only more appealing, but also improve the general health of current personnel”.

UMC Utrecht saw the potential of the solution and invited Propeaq to get acquainted with each other at the match making event.

A new milestone

Propeaq has had partnerships with hospital before. Since the first launch in 2017 they have been researching, testing and improving the effects of their product. Yet the partnership with UMC Utrecht is a milestone for the startup, says Rick: “With this partnership we can start testing on a large scale spread over different departments for the first time. We have an advantage in UMC Utrecht being an academic hospital, we can work together about the research and guard quality closely”.

The effects of the Propeaq light glasses are personal. One may have stronger effects and results then other people. This is partially because of our personal characteristics, but also due to factors like schedules. Bases on these characteristics we will have to fine tune the glasses to get the best results: Add blue light during the night, block daylight in the morning.

Light therapy works, Propeaq have known this for a long time. Scientific research is interesting to validate this correctly. The behavior shown by people is a factor. The glasses need to be used in the correct setting, at the correct time. This is where the expertise of the UMC Utrecht steps in. A behavioral scientist is making sure that the components of behavior are accounted for correctly.

Propeaq hopes to build more trust in the health care sector by doing partnerships like these. Rick: “We are becoming a starting scale-up, this means we have to start looking for growth capital. This research is definitely going to help us with that”.



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