Research shows that more and more people around the world suffer from insomnia, and that is a concerning fact!

Serious health risk’s

Let’s start with the basics, adults need seven to eight hours of sleep a day, end of discussion. Are you not getting enough sleep? Then that is going to have a rather large impact on your general health. Long term effect for example are obesity, your immune system suffers and depression.

Good sleep is essential for functioning properly day to day. Improved alertness and better concentration are benefits that are directly connected to a good night sleep. Curious what else benefits from a good night sleep? Keep reading!

You will enjoy life in general more

Sleeping poor doesn’t benefit anyone, in fact, sleeping poor will negatively affect everybody! By improving your sleeping, you will notice directly that you feel happier, more relaxed and energetic, who wouldn’t want that?

A good night sleep makes you more attractive

Yes, you read that correctly. A good night sleep will keep your skin in tip top condition. Also, you won’t get those nasty bags below your eyes and won’t have swollen eyes. Swedish research show that people who have a poor night rest at least twice a week are instantly seen as less attractive and unhealthy. You better start wearing your orange lenses in your Propeaq before going to bed, combine that with blue light in the morning and your circadian rhythm will improve!

Sleeping poorly makes you fat

Yes, you have read that correctly. Here is the thing, if you sleep less than six hours a day, your chances of getting obese increase by thirty percent! Also, poor sleep negatively impacts your digestion system and stimulates the production of hormones which will make you crave food even more. And if things could not get any worse, obesity will make you more vulnerable for insomnia and other sleeping disorders. A vicious circle!

It is fair to say that everyone will benefit if we all would just have a decent night sleep. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for every single one of us. Luckily Propeaq is here to save the day for some of you! Propeaq can help you improve your night sleep and provide you with more energy during the day!

This article was written using inspiration form (Slaapwijzer, 2016) and (UMC Utrecht , 2019)