My name is Paul van Gend and I am 49 years old and father of 2 sons. I have a very dear friend with whom I love to travel. From this hobby, I came in contact with the Propeaq Light Goggles to combat jet lag. This worked very well for me and I became convinced of this innovative technique as a result.

I am fortunate to know well the brother of the inventor of the Propeaq light goggles and also came into contact with the organization behind them.

After over 30 years of enjoying making sales and sales teams successful at several multinational healthcare companies, it is now time for the next step. Together with my colleagues at Propeaq, I will work independently to make the light glasses known to even more people and institutions.

It would be my pleasure to help you continue to use PROPEAQ Light Goggles.

Below I have written some additional information about the light goggles, but please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I can be reached at 06 511 021 95 or at [email protected]

Attached are some figures from nurses and caregivers about physical complaints caused by night shifts. People who work the night shift are up to twice as likely to suffer from (and be prone to) sleep problems, than people who work regularly, which makes them:

  • Losing productivity
  • Experiencing a chronic feeling of fatigue
  • Have a significantly higher risk of diabetes, gastrointestinal problems and/or cardiovascular disease
  • Experiencing less job satisfaction

Some tips

  • Do not use screens 2 hours before bedtime
  • Coffee after dinner? That is already completely out of the question!
  • Exercise enough during the day, but not right before sleep

You were probably already aware of the above tips, but want to know:

  • How to make night shifts more bearable.
  • How to get back into your old rhythm as soon as possible when the night shifts are over.

Light therapy has a proven positive effect on employee health. This is due to the user-friendly manipulation of the biological rhythm.

By skillfully responding to light and darkness during the night shift:

  • Do people have significantly more energy compared to a placebo effect
  • Do employees feel less sleepy during the drive home
  • Is sleep better quality after a night shift
  • Does one get back into their old rhythm faster when their series is over


Just 30 minutes of blue light during the night shift is enough. These light glasses have scientifically proven positive effects on the unpleasant effects of the night shift and can be used in a practical way.

  • Work becomes more bearable
  • Driving home more safely
  • Sleeping better after service

PS: The light glasses come with the Propeaq Time Tooler app. Based on your shift times, this app tells you the time frame within which to put on what color glasses and for how long. So you are not tied down to specific times, but you have the choice in what is most convenient for you. In this way, the light glasses regulate your biological clock, giving you more energy at night and better sleep during the day.

Can special light glasses reduce sleepiness and improve sleep of nightshift workers? A placebo-controlled exploratory field study

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I have been helping elite athletes since 2006. More than 1,500 Olympians from 16 different countries use the Propeaq light glasses. Working with the best athletes and coaches in the world is always inspiring.

Toine Schoutens

Light expert and sleep coach of elite athletes

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