My name is Eva Bastmeijer, I am a 24 year old full-time track and field athlete.

I am specialized in the long jump with a personal best of 6.30m and last year I was ranked inside the top 120 in the world for my event. My goal is to reach the Olympics in 2024 and qualify for major championships with Team NL. The past two years I’ve lived in the United Kingdom and since October 2019 I have been living in Doha, Qatar.

Steady sleep routine

One of the most important things for a professional athlete’s recovery from training is sleep, which is why, in collaboration with Propeaq I want to improve athletes’ sleep quality and their sleep/wake rhythm. Personally, I train 3-4 hours a day, 6 days a week, so a good quality and length of sleep is essential. Previously I struggled with getting to sleep before 12:00 AM midnight which meant I had to wake up at around 9:00-10:00 AM to feel sufficiently rested. After wearing the Propeaq light glasses just for a couple of weeks I now have a steady sleep routine where I sleep nine hours a night on set hours 23:00 PM-08:00 AM. The red glasses in the evening help me fall asleep instantly by filtering all the blue light. In addition to this I use blue light in the morning when waking up which means that I feel awake immediately. If I have a double training session during the day, I also use blue light for 30 minutes, which simulates a “power nap”. This provides me with much needed energy and focus for my second session of the day.

I can prevent jetlag

The glasses aren’t just essential for training but also competition and travelling. Living in Qatar for parts of the year means I regularly travel through time zones and have to compete/train immediately on arrival. By filtering and adding blue light, I can immediately adjust my sleep/wake rhythm. This way I can prevent jetlag, which means I don’t have to waste crucial time feeling sluggish. Propeaq even has an App to calculate all this for you. The light glasses make it possible to move the peak performance moment to any time of day. This is essential because qualification and finals of a competition can be held at any time of the day. Similarly, if I have a very tiring qualification, the glasses can help me recover for the finals if they are on the same day within a short amount of time.

Not just helping athletes

I can now understand how these glasses have been so successful in not just helping athletes, but also anybody fighting difficult sleep wake rhythms, be it health care staff working nightshifts or businessmen travelling regularly on long haul flights to different destinations. The research related to the use of blue light therapy in health issues such as winter blues related depression and diabetes is something that that also intrigues me as many people suffer from these issues.


To make the added value of light therapy available to everyone within my network, I can, pn behalf of Propeaq, give a discount of € 25 . That is a 12.5% ​​discount on the regular sales price of € 199!



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I have been helping elite athletes since 2006. More than 750 Olympians use the Propeaq light glasses. The collaboration with the best athletes and coaches in the world is always inspiring.

Toine Schoutens

Light expert and sleep coach of elite athletes

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