Hi, I'm Angela Malestein, 27 years old and my sport is handball.

I was born in Spakenburg, in recent years I have played and lived in Germany, but since the summer of 2020 I live in Budapest, Hungary, for the club where I play, Ferencvárosi TC. I also play for the Dutch national team, who became WORLD CHAMPIONS last year. For me it was the most beautiful experience of my career that we have worked hard for with the team. That was a dream come true.

Worldchampion 2019

Source: ANP

The details are very important to become World Champion:

Because we play a lot of international matches, I have been helped a lot with the Propeaq Light Glasses. I can put my flight schedule in the app a few days before departure, so I know exactly when I have to wear the light glasses for half an hour to arrive without jet lag. This gives me the opportunity to start my training abroad right from day 1. I also like to travel for pleasure myself. Where I used to really suffer from jet lag for the first two days, now I can enjoy and do activities from day one.

Imperative that you sleep well

A tournament schedule is very busy with few periods of rest in between. It is then necessary that you sleep as well as possible when you can sleep. This can be difficult because of the adrenaline and tension it brings. In any case, I do everything I can to optimize the preconditions and an important part of that is the Propeaq Light Glasses. As soon as I wear the orange lenses in the glasses, my body enters sleep mode much faster. Differences like that are crucial in top sport.

Blue light of screens is blocked in the evening

You don’t necessarily have to travel long distances to benefit from the Propeaq Light Glasses. For example, my sleep is sacred, because I have to appear fit in the hall every day. In the evening when I watch a Netflix series before going to bed, I use the orange glasses in the glasses. For example, the light from the television becomes less bright, because the blue part of the light from the television is blocked, you will notice after a few minutes that you are getting sleepier. This way I have no trouble falling asleep in the evening and I can keep to my sleeping times. In the morning I use blue light for half an hour to wake up faster, so that my day starts well. Especially in the dark months I notice a big difference in energy level.

Discount on light glasses

To make the added value of light therapy available for everyone, I can give a € 25 discount to my network on behalf of Propeaq. That is a 12.5% discount on the normal retail price of € 199!


What to do?

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I have been helping elite athletes since 2006. More than 750 Olympians use the Propeaq light glasses. The collaboration with the best athletes and coaches in the world is always inspiring.

Toine Schoutens

Light expert and sleep coach of elite athletes

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