Now that we are all burdened by the effects of the Covid19 virus, a stable and regular sleep / wake rhythm is more important than ever! Why? To improve sleep and the associated resistance to infectious diseases. The mechanism responsible for this is called the biological clock. Humans are naturally ‘day animals’ that are active during the day and sleep and recover at night. In our modern, hectic society however we (want to) perform, sleep or travel at any time. Being active at irregular times causes a disruption of the biological clock which can result in a lack of quality sleep and a decrease in resistance for, for example, viral infection diseases.
During our sleep we restore body and mental functions. We don’t know exactly how this works, but we do know that protective hormons such as melatonin (an antioxidant) and the growth hormone probably play a major role in this process. So, sleep has a major influence on the protection against illness, such as infections and inflammation. With insufficient or irregular sleep, the activity of the T cells decreases. T cells are a type of white blood cell that is very important for the immune response of our body. When T cells recognize a specific target, such as a cell infected by a virus, they activate special proteins that allow them to snap to and destroy the infected cell.


This is relatively simple but requires discipline and an adjustment of your mindset. Get up at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time. This includes holidays and weekends. Try to sleep at least 7 hours and up to 9 hours every night. Make sure your bedroom is dark, not too hot or too cold. Only use the bed for sleeping or for sex (also a good sleeping aid).
To give the sleep / wake rhythm an extra boost, you take blue light from the Propeaq light glasses for 30 minutes immediately after waking up. This starts the metabolism and releases energy to actively start the day. In the evening, the ambient light should be avoided and for this the Propeaq is equipped with interchangeable orange lenses. The first effect is already noticeable after a few days of use. Sleep improves and mood also benefits. The Propeaq light glasses are a handy tool to achieve a regular sleep-wake rhythm and therefore helps you to get a healthy and natural lifestyle.


You can order our Propeaq light glasses of EUR 199,- (appr. USD 217,-) including taxes, excluding shipment of EUR 25 (appr. USD 30,-) by clicking orange ‘purchase button’ at the top of this page.
We will send you the light glasses as soon as we have received your order. However, due to the Corona crisis, it takes a little longer than you are used to, appr. 5 days, so we ask you to be a little bit patient.


Jeunessima is for the busy Woman, Entrepreneur or Business Woman, who wants to feel alive & have the joie-de-vivre, enthusiasm and sparkle of an ageless woman while being proud of her wisdom & experiences of many decades. She wants to have fun & enjoy magic in her life every day.
Effectiveness light therapy
  • Improve sleep/wake rhythm
  • No more winter blues
  • No dip at shift work
  • Prevent Jet lag
Propeaq unique features
  • only 30 minutes a day
  • most effective; least emitting
  • complete system
  • multi purpose glasses
  • prescription optional
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